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St. Thomas Schola Gregoriana

The Schola Gregoriana sang the 12:30 "chant" Mass throughout the year, from September to Pentecost, at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, 530 Elizabeth Street, Ann Arbor, MI., until Pentecost 2010

The Schola was founded by Dr. Deborah Friauff, Director of Music at St. Andrew Episcopal Church of Ann Arbor, and was later directed by Timothy Tikker, who also served as St. Thomas Organist, and then Paula Muldoon. While it is not presently part of the regular Sunday schedule at St. Thomas, it remains ready to sing Gregorian chant and polyphony in Latin as well as some liturgical psalmody in English, when called into action.

Please call Paul Schultz with any questions: (734) 646-0430 or paulcschultz at gmail dot com