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Chant Resources

Principle Resource

"Gregory and the Dove" - like an increasing number of other scholas, the St. Thomas Schola Gregoriana strives to sing the treasures of the Church's chants according to the "semiological method" devised last century by Dom. Eugène Cardine, of the Benedictine monastery of Solesmes (France). Singing according to this method requires chant scores that have been corrected according to the latest scholarship and which include the early medieval neumes found in the Sankt Gallen family of manuscripts. To that end, our most relied-upon source is the Choralschola Freiburg's website, Gregor und Taube, which is named after the legend that God sent a dove to sing His authentic and perfect form of music into Pope Gregory's ear - so that plainchant would be spread throughout the Church.

Additional Resources

Chabanel Psalms - this site features some of the best settings of the responsorial psalms which are currently being composed. In particular, we make regular use of the settings composed by Aristotle Esguerra, who blogs at The Recovering Choir Director

Jogues Chants - like Chabanel Psalms, this website is a ministry of the Corpus Christi Watershed. Sometimes a member who is unable to make a rehearsal will go this site to listen the week's chants, even if they are a little Solesmesque.

Saint Antoine Daniel Gregorian Chant Ordinaries - all 18!

MusicaSacra - We make frequent use of resources provided by the Church Music Association of America, including the Parish Book of Chant, (warning: all that follow are significantly sized pdfs) Anglican Use Gradual, Offertoriale with Offertory Verses (1935), Mass and Vespers (1957) and the Gregorian Missal (Latin/English).